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Fast-growing, entrepreneur-led company in the Fashion sector. Founded by Mr. Dasun Rathnasekara
On the 26th of December 2017 incorporated with the Board of Directors. Founder of the Brand INSPIRED stated that “we always try to introduce a new level of FASHION to the PEOPLE who feel in hungry and wanna go for new trends”. INSPIRED always introduces PREMIUM CLOTHING.

The company’s goals and objectives always fit into the industry.

INSPIRED Started new working spaces on 04th of February 2021
in cooperation with special guests Mr. Ajith Rathnasekara and Mr. Sujeewa Rathnasekara who are the Founders of the KANDY SELECTIONS.

Mr. Dasun Rathnasekara

Founder of inspired clothing

Mr. Ajith Rathnasekara

Founder of Kandy Selections

Mr. Sujeewa Rathnasekara

Founder of Kandy Selections

INSPIRED conducted researchers on the market and industry that we already planning to enter.

Based on that researchers, industry, the opportunities it offers, and the growth it is experiencing, noticed by INSPIRED and the key environmental trends in the industry.

Our target customers, who will buy our products? PEOPLE Who love our products, INSPIRED FOR ALL.

The key operations and management roles in our company consists of,

Chairperson: Dasun Rathnasekara

Creative Director: Daham Peiris

Senior Accountant: Nisal Perera

Head of GIRLS Department: Pramodya Abeysinghe

The aim is to show that our team has the skills and qualifications to implement what you have outlined in the business field.

INSPIRED Takes the next step in each and every clothing store and currently available in KANDY UPTOWN LIBERTY PLAZA. Feel free to contact us. Get in touch with INSPIRED.

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